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Welcome Letter

Dear Colleagues:

I am personally honored to invite you to the “1 st Post-Bariatric “3D Central Approach” Live Surgery Course between 7-9 February 2020 in Istanbul.

During the course our main target would be in post bariatric treatments. On the other hand live surgery is one of the best methods, which demonstrate all details, and nuances of the surgery, but it requires considerable time and adequate focus.

On first and second days we will perform 2 live surgeries including all aspects on post bariatric surgery. Besides these surgeries we will give "personal approach" lectures at the end of the day to highlight the important technical points and answer the questions of the participants.

In addition to the outstanding educational opportunities, this meeting will also serve as an opportunity for you to meet new international colleagues who are passionate for post bariatric surgery

We look forward to seeing you in Istanbul.

Dr. Murat Topalan

Course Director

Dr. Ozay Ozkaya

Course Director